May 25, 2016

20 Weeks of Getting in the Frame - Oahu Family Photographer

This year I decided to do a personal photography project.
Once a week I have to get in the frame with both of my kids... and trust me, this is not as easy as it sounds like.
My kids are used to me capturing them with no script or direction. They rarely look at the camera when I'm documenting whatever they are doing. With me getting in the frame, they know they have to stay within the frame space of the camera and that they have to wait for me to set up the camera so that I can either use the timer or my remote shutter (when I actually remember to put it in my bag!). Most weeks they fight me on it. They don't want to stay still. They don't want to wait for me to set up the camera's settings.

The other major struggle has been staying creative every week! My goal is to document things we actually do. We go to the skatepark every single day at sundown (when I'm not working with clients) so if I'm not careful, all my shots end up being at the skatepark ha! It's a big part of our lives right now and I've been documenting it thoroughly... I just don't want my project to be about skateboarding every-single-week.
Getting creative with angles and composition is also a struggle since I've been using a tripod... and my camera bag as tripod, or the ground as tripod when I'm lazy and don't want to carry the tripod around... and I have to be honest and say I used my sister and my husband one time each, as human tripods.
Some weeks I have lightbulb moments of what I want to capture. Some weeks I have no idea and stay in a crazy rut and end up not taking a shot until it's the last day of the week.
I am committed to succeed. I am committed to work through my creative ruts and keep producing images that my kids will be able to look back on and remember this year of their childhood.

I'm 20 weeks into the project so I thought I'd share my progress with you all. If you follow me on Facebook, you've already seen a few of these and their accompanying caption I try to include every week.

I hope you enjoy this small glimpse into our adventures in paradise!