February 3, 2016

The Birth of Julianna - Oahu Hawaii Birth Story Photographer + Film Maker

This is the birth of Julianna.
Her birth was fast and she was born only 15 minutes after I arrived.
She was wide-eyed and alert and taking in her new life and her beautiful parents. There was so much love there!

This is what a fast and unmedicated birth looks like for a first time mom that has lots of support from her husband. It is awesome!

In that first hour after she was born, Julianna was intensely looking around. Her big alert eyes were catching beautiful light as she stared at her mommy and daddy in adoration. I was able to capture and freeze that moment. It was so surreal and peaceful, that a simple shot wouldn't help me portray it. So I quickly decided to detach my lens (a technique I use a lot called freelensing) and shoot that moment with an added softness that freelensing gives, and that way I was able to focus just in that one spot where all the eyes are being met. This quickly became my favorite postpartum image in a long time!

If you can't keep your eyes dry, that's ok. Cause I get teary-eyed every single time I watch this <3 heart emoticon.

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