February 25, 2016

Rain, Sun & Rainbows - Oahu Hawaii Family Photographer + Film Maker

The second month of my personal project to make a short film of my kids every month this year had my mind working non-stop. So many ideas! Too many awesome places to go have fun in with my kids... as the end of the month approached, I found myself with scattered video clips and no concrete story line for my film.
In the end, I decided to let all of it go, and be true to what I love documenting: unprompted, unscripted, real moments.
On a whim we went to one of our favorite local spots so we could see the full rainbow that was painted in the sky. The heavy rain clouds were letting the sun shine through, the rainbow was there, and both of my kids just started doing their thing, so I pulled my camera and started filming their beautiful interaction and the beautiful country backdrop.
I ended up not shooting many still frames, and that's ok by me.

I managed to do two new things for this film: I got in there a couple of times, so see if you can spot me! And I also started learning a new software for video editing, so this film is my first attempt with Adobe Premiere Pro. My production time more than quadrupled because I was getting my butt kicked while learning, but I feel good to be able to learn something new and challenge myself!

I hope you'll enjoy this short film!

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