October 27, 2015

Mountains, Ocean & Love - Oahu Hawaii Family Photography

The rain has been abundant lately, and there's more green in our mountains than I've ever seen before.
The low hanging gray clouds complemented the mountains perfectly, and even though the sun never really showed itself, this beautiful secluded bay surrounded by tall mountains was the perfect fit for what this family wanted.
Hawaii is not only about the ocean! Yes, the ocean is a great part of island living, but our mountains are breathtaking as well! And they are part of what makes Hawaii so beautiful and exotic.

We found a driftwood swing hanging from a low tree... the perfect ice breaker for the start of our time together. The girl's outfits and hakus were so colorful and perfect against all the greenery.
The kids played together, ran around by the shore, and had a great time. Little Kalani had just turned 2 a few weeks before, and looked completely adorable in her little hula outfit.

I adored capturing the loving interactions, the running around, and the quiet moments too. We left almost in the dark... and my heart was full. These are the memories worth being captured.

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