September 29, 2015

Lucky We Live Hawaii - Oahu Hawaii Real Life Family Photographer

I've been meaning to blog these images for quite some time now, but life just keeps getting in my way.
These images are so special to me and dear to my heart, because this is my family. This is us.

I took these back in May, just a few days before my daughter turned 2. We had been back in Hawaii for 2 months, and still getting adjusted to doing life in paradise and finding our own rhythm.
Those 2 short months that had passed since we'd moved back, had already made such a great impact in our lives. The kids were healthier and happier. We were going to the beach and breathing fresh, salty air every day. My husband could come home for lunch everyday.
And even with so many things that were still going to fall in place back then, I wanted to make the time to capture a little of us during that time.

We enjoyed a gorgeous sunset as a family, had fun, cuddled and laughed, and the kids were thrown high in the air! Carefree fun and some good family time made for these images, and I'll be able to look back on these forever and remember how happy Hawaii had already made our hearts be.

It's like they say: Lucky we live Hawaii.
Or better yet, BLESSED we live Hawaii.


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