September 3, 2015

A Hawaiian Vacation - Oahu Real Life Family Photographer

I am often amazed at the way connections are made. Pam was coming to Hawaii with her family and looking for a photographer to capture them in a very candid way. I had just moved back and was still getting my car shipped over when she found me online. It was a connection that was meant to be, and one that I had never expected to happen so soon.

Thinking back at my own family's vacation experiences, I know how hard it is to make time for a photography session when all you want is to be sprawled on the beach or by the pool.
For me, that's the appeal of having a "real life" session instead of a traditional portrait session.
Having fun is a must. Being yourself is a must.
If that means getting sand in your hair in the first 2 minutes of the session... yes! I will love that!

What started as an awkward moment for all of us, quickly turned into fun moments at the beach - which never fails to break the ice! The beach is the safe haven, and it does all the work for me... so I keep coming back to it over and over again.
We hunted for treasures and roly-polies in the sand, explored the tide pools, and got splashed by the sneaky waves that would come in.
We had moments of quiet solitude, and we had moments of crazy flying in the air and spinning until the kids couldn't stand straight.
The perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon in one of Oahu's most beautiful beaches and to make awesome memories of their vacation in Hawaii - if you ask me.

Thank you Pam, for allowing me to capture such authentic moments for you and your family!

(Pam is a fellow photographer from Southern California and her documentary work is amazing. Please check out her work if you're in the area!)

If you're in Hawaii and would like to have special Family moments documented with a REAL LIFE session, please contact Sophia at | (808)781-4677 |