May 4, 2015

Variations of Breastfeeding - Hawaii Breastfeeding Photographer (former Miami Photographer)

This Mother's Milk session is so bittersweet to me. Samara was my very first client in South Florida, and has given me the immense privilege of documenting many, many important moments in the life of her gorgeous family.

It was very fitting (and couldn't be more perfect, really) that I got to shoot this session on my very last day of work in South Florida. A full circle, I'd say.

This mother right here has been almost exclusively pumping and bottle-feeding her son. Having gone through some of the same struggles as she has, I know how hard it is to pump constantly. She will forever have my admiration, and will forever have images of her, not only breastfeeding her son, but also bottle-feeding him.

I created the Mother's Milk sessions so that mothers could have true documentation of their breastfeeding relationship. It's not just to get beautiful images in beautiful locations. It's for you to have something tangible to hold onto. It's for you to look at these images years from now, and be overtaken by the sweet memory of your nursing days and all the little details that make your nursing relationship with your child so true and so unique.

Sophia has recently relocated to the island of O'ahu, Hawai'i and is no longer booking sessions in South Florida.
If you're in O'ahu and would like to have your breastfeeding relationship documented, please contact Sophia at