April 8, 2015

An Intimate Afternoon - Oahu Breastfeeding Photographer (former Miami Photographer)

I have so many sessions I want to blog, but with our recent move from Miami to Hawaii and all the sessions I have to deliver in the meantime, blogging has been the least of my concerns.
I figured I'd slowly start, because honestly, I have been so privileged to capture some pretty awesome moments for awesome clients in South Florida.

This Mother's Milk session was held in the family's backyard. A lush, green hideout with perfect golden hour light. 
In-home Mother's Milk sessions are kind of great. Although I love a good sunrise at the beach session, in-home sessions feel more intimate and definitely document the reality of what nursing is for that family.
These are moments that were frozen in time, imagery that records a specific relationship between mother and her child at that specific age. These moments will never be the same or repeat themselves, and this is why breastfeeding journeys should be documented.