November 19, 2014

A Loving Journey Earthside - Boca Raton Birth Photographer

This is Alexios' birth story. He came earthside on a rainy summer afternoon, and was immediately welcomed into a big, loving family.

It was a grand party of joy - and it was worth recording.

He was a gender surprise, just like his big brother had been. And after the plans for a VBAC were no longer possible, Samara asked for a gentle, family-centered cesarean.
Her doctor was the loveliest and most caring doctor I ever had the privilege of seeing at work. She understood the frustration and the sadness, and was ready to lend her shoulder and her embrace.
A clear drape was used so Samara and Petro could see their baby entering this world, and find out the gender.

And what rush to be able to capture baby Alexios half in his mama's belly and half earthside!

It was beautiful to see so much support and love. Please come and witness this journey with me: