November 10, 2014

A Natural Hospital Birth - Fort Lauderdale Birth Photographer

Tory and Heather were the last birth story clients I took on before leaving for my extended trip to Brazil.
What impressed me the most when we first met, was Heather's determination to have a natural birth. This determination was fueled by her complete trust in her body and in her husband - who proved to be a solid rock during her laboring hours.

Fast-forward a few months, and baby Cy was still very comfy inside his mama. An induction was scheduled and things flowed very smoothly. Heather labored hard. Her reward was a gorgeous 8lb 4 oz baby boy, full of vernix and that latched on right away!

It was an honor to see these 2 awesome people become parents and go through this experience together - and to see their faces looking at each other while looking at baby Cy!

Thank you so much Tory and Heather, for letting me document Cy's beautiful birth story. I loved every minute of it!