May 18, 2014

A 1st Birthday Sunrise! - Boca Raton Family Photographer

Today my daughter is turning one! I can't believe one year has passed since I first held her in my arms.
Her birth was a great experience and empowering in so many ways. It was after her birth that I decided to follow my passion for photography and to make it into my "dream job". Her gentle and off hands hospital water birth was what propelled me into wanting to photograph births and to tell the story of how these tiny lives enter this world.

Today we cuddled, we had a lazy breakfast and later took the kids to a local water park. This girl LOVES water!

And just now, as I held her, nursed her to sleep and breathed in her scent, I thanked God for a year with her. I thanked Him for a successful year of breastfeeding her (after so many difficulties). I thanked Him for her health (which has had a lot of ups and downs). I thanked Him for her strong personality. I thanked Him for her laughter and her serious, pensive faces. I thanked Him for so many things, but mostly for giving me such awesome kids and for picking me to be their mom.

Please enjoy some images from our morning at the beach, as we celebrated Maili's first birthday.