April 17, 2014

Rain can't dampen their joy - Deerfield Beach Maternity Photographer

I met Jen and Dimphion on a very windy and cloudy day. As I eyed the huge black clouds south of us, I knew our time was limited - the rain was going to eventually catch up with us.
We were going in the water any way, so we decided to stay and face the rain.
The sun never came out fully, but this photographer doesn't mind! I like the subtle colors in the sky and the stormy black clouds closing in on us.
As we got in the water, the rain came down hard on us. The waves were pounding us and the current was extremely strong. We didn't stay much longer, but we had good laughs and it was refreshing to be in the ocean and feel that sweet, cold rain at the same time.
It was great hearing these two laugh and seeing them go with the flow. Having a good time is one of the most important things to me during any photo session - love and joy do come through.