April 10, 2014

A salt water filled sunrise - Pompano Beach Maternity Photographer

The first day I met Karina and John they brought both their boxers to meet me as well. They wanted them to be a part of their maternity session and I said, absolutely yes!
We hit a patch of bad weather and had to cancel our shoot, but the following week we were blessed with a gorgeous sunrise and warm breeze.
Karina was excited to get int the water, and so was I. This was the first session I got to use my new water housing. Even though we weren't able to actually go "in" the ocean because it was so rough that day, I was able to get some awesome shots by the shore break.
I am a salt water, foam and sunlight kind of girl, so I was right there along with her getting pounded by the white water - and we loved every second of it!