March 27, 2014

An experience every mother should have - Deerfield Beach Breastfeeding Photographer

I met Paulina and Kate at the beach, right when the sun was rising. It was a magical time for them, and for me as a photographer and as a mother of a nursing child.

The quietness, the pastel colors in the sky, the light wind, and then the warm sunlight - all came together so perfectly.
I know we rarely nurse in a setting like this in real life, but that's what makes a Mother's Milk session at sunrise even more magical. It's a time to focus on your child, on your nursing relationship. It's a time to touch their little hands, and receive their touch in return. It's a time to appreciate the beauty of life and our role as mothers, and the incredible thing that our bodies can do.

We left the beach as friends, and I'm so grateful to have met these two and to call them my dear friends now.
Thank you Paulina, for letting me witness such beauty and for making room in your life for me and my little ones.