November 16, 2013

The Birth Story of Noah - Miami Birth Photographer

It's incredible what a woman's body is capable of enduring if her mind is set to it.

As a first time mom, Ana Maria surprised us all with her strength and determination. Her labor was long and hard, and it even when she was fully dilated she had to refrain from pushing for a good 40 minutes because of a small cervix lip that was still there.

She worked very hard, surrounded by her doula and best friend, by her husband who never left her side, and by an awesome midwife.

Nothing crushed her spirit, and she was rewarded with her handsome baby boy.

I said this before, but I witnessed love reborn, faith, perseverance, trust and raw beauty that day.

(Little did I know that this was the 1st of 3 births I would document in the same week!)